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Element Projects and Presentations

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Element Research Project and 3D Model Due February 3rd!

The Element Research Project and 3D model atom are due February 3rd. 

You have already had two class periods to do research on their elements in the library.  By now, you should have found your element information (# of protons, neutrons, electrons, symbol, atomic mass, state of the element), some examples modern uses of your element, and three interesting facts about your element. All of this information should be written down in your rough draft.

There is a section in the element packet that includes general questions about matter, compounds, mixtures, and solutions.  Some students have already gone ahead through their binder notes to locate the answers to these questions, but they are all questions/topics that we will cover in the coming days as we move through the matter unit. Don’t wait until the last second, though! Get these done ASAP!

You are to take their rough draft and retype it as a final draft, print it out, and turn it in.  The front cover needs to include a hand-drawn (not an image copied and pasted from the internet) picture of how your element is used.  (Print the cover page first, then draw the picture.)  If you don’t have access to a printer at home, you can share their final draft with me via Google Drive and I can print it out so you can add your picture.  However, this would need o be done prior to the due date of February 3rd!

If you would rather give a presentation about your element, you can create a Power Point (or Google Presentation) about your element, making each page of your rough draft a slide in your presentation.  (In this case, internet images would be okay.)
When it comes to the 3D model, use your imagination! Rather than just drawing an atom of their element with circles for the protons, neutrons, and electrons, you have to make a 3D model.  You can use 3D materials such as M&Ms, Skittles, buttons, pom pom balls, stickers, cut out cardboard shapes, etc.  There are a few examples pictured in your research packet to show different ways to make their model a little more than just a drawing.  If you need more ideas for how to build a 3D model, you can always check out Pinterest or search the internet for “atom model” or “3D atom model.”  There are lots of ideas and how-to’s out there!
I will be collecting both the rough draft and final draft of their projects.
Here are some links for more information on the Periodic Table/elements if you need it:

Cell-o-brating the end of our Cells unit!

To wrap up our science unit on Cells, students made edible plant and animal cells.  Students used either graham crackers or rice cakes, and built their models with frosting, M&Ms, jelly beans, licorice, gum drops, Nerds, Gushers, and Fruit by the Foot.

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